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Exam Code:PCAP-31-03
Exam Name:Certified Associate in Python Programming
Certification Provider:Python Institute
Free Question Number:14
# of views:861
# of Questions views:12284
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Exam Question List
Question 1: Assuming that the code below has been executed successfully,...
Question 2: Which of the following expression evaluate to True? (Select ...
Question 3: With regards to the directory structure below, select the pr...
Question 4: What is the expected behavior of the following code? (Exhibi...
Question 5: Assuming that the code below has been executed successfully,...
Question 6: What is true about the following snippet? (Select two answer...
Question 7: A property that stores information about a given class's sup...
Question 8: Assuming that the following piece of code has been executed ...
Question 9: Which of the following invocations are valid? (Select two an...
Question 10: What is the expected behavior of the following code? x = 8 *...
Question 11: Assuming that the following code has been executed successfu...
Question 12: Which of the following statements are true? (Select two answ...
Question 13: What is the expected behavior of the following code? (Exhibi...
Question 14: What is the expected output of the following code? def foo(x...