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Exam Code:156-835
Exam Name:Check Point Certified Maestro Expert
Certification Provider:CheckPoint
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Mykola - Jun 21, 2023

No.# Correct Answer: B
From CCME book:
Use the following commands to restart Ochestrator services without rebooting them. Note that rebooting causes an outage unless there is a Dual MHO configuration present and they are rebooted one at a time.
orchd restart
service orchd restart (with no user confirmation, suitable for scripting)

Mykola - Jun 21, 2023

No.# Correct Answer: D
From CCME:
The g_update_conf_flle is frequently used to update the $FWDIR/modules/fwkern.conf file to add custom kernel variables to all SG members that modify how the Check Point inspection code operates on Gateways.


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